Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A note I'm passing along....

This morning I wrote the following encouragement to a sister of mine who has small children. I well recall the days where I longed for ear plugs that prevented hearing the bickering, and the "mommy" this, and the "mommy" that. But alas, older moms know well, "This too will pass!"

So if you are a mother to young children, allow me to pass along a bit of encouragement to you today from me, a fellow sister and a fellow mother.

"I feel you, my sister. Life is demanding, now isn't it? 'Life cocoons' - as I call them - apply refinement pressure to net transformation. They often squeeze us to the outer limits, but with divine purpose, my dear. Divine.

I loved the brilliant demonstration of the (work) exchange! Love it! Experiencing other's trials is certainly eye opening. Continue those exchanges with *your children,* too. A significant part of our role as mothers is not to cover our children, but to work ourselves out of our 'job' as mothers by training them to do the very things we have done for them. I know you know this, so don't take these words as 'preaching' so much as confirming your path.

May I encourage you to not give in -- to not give up -- and to never cease pouring yourself out. But the pouring out is not to be an 'enabling pouring out' --- but an 'equipping pouring out' -- where we transfer our knowledge to our children for the purpose of putting THEIR action behind our teaching. At the very core, we - as their Christian parents - are their first 'God-trainers' they are to experience. We are the first ones that teach them 'be doers of the Word, not hearers only.' And that means we have to stand down, so they can step up! Amen! (Even in the seemingly mundane every day tasks. Recall the stewardship principle of being faithful with the small!)

I know it is tiring, but the dividends to teach them, and yes, often 'hound' them, WILL pay off far more than you 'doing' for them. As a mom of teens, let me say *it does work.* But 'seed, time, and harvest' doesn't come out of a microwave. There are no microwaves in God's Kingdom.... only slow cookers that apply constant, consistent pressure. We, as God-submitted- parents, are our children's first 'life cocoon.' And such cocoons do yield the most incredible transformations!

I just want to encourage you today, my sister, keep on the path. May God multiple exponentially the small moments of rest and deep exhaling moments, granting to you His gas to finish well. Yes, praise Him -- they do grow up! But by all means, know He is right there with you... ever ready to catch you up in His arms. He hasn't put you in this place for failure. Oh no, my dear! He has put you in this place because He knows you will succeed... even on the days when you think you have failed the worst! 'Greater is He who in you!' Loving you from afar! ♥"

I pray a flood of encouragement over all mothers with children still in the "nest!" Have a blessed day with your brood!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cannolis and peaches... oh my!

We had a peach of a weekend.... literally and figuratively.

Yesterday, dear hubby and eldest son began their weekend with an hour long bike ride at 7:00 a.m.

Meanwhile, I hit my books. Now that is my idea of a good beginning to a great day.

Once they arrived back home, my youngest son and I headed out for a "mommy/son" breakfast date. Yum! Of course -- we had to pick up a few doughnuts on the way home for the "left behind" members of the family. (Brownie point redemption, don't you know!)

The rest of the day was spent with the neighborhood kids and our children playing ping-pong, as dear hubby and I visited with a dear friend. We wrapped up the day with homemade chicken salad, some after dinner coffee, and a movie. Sweet!

This morning we, as a family, took the day off, and headed for a local market to delight in cannolis! Oh dear me, before we even made it to the pastry counter, we were delighted with all manner of samples that included fresh cherries, plums, pineapple...... and peaches! Merciful heavens! Once I received the sweet smell of peaches... that was it. A trip to the Farmer's Market was a must. I have been putting off a trip to the Farmer's Market simply because it is a good ways from my home, but the local market we ventured to is almost at the half way point between the Farmer's Market and my home. It was agreed by all that a trip to apprehend the freshest peaches available was a must. Before departing though, we did venture over to the pastry counter and bought a dozen mini-cannolis. Do I need to convey just how sweet this time was for the family? (Pun completely intended!)

Once at the Farmer's Market, we found our particular peach vendor who I return to year after year. I confess I am a loyalist to a most proven peach farmer! And Mr. Farmer-man did not disappoint! I found truly ripe peaches all ready to be enjoyed at lunch! Super fabulous! And before leaving, I could not resist picking up local unfiltered honey! The Market was a bit on the crowded side, so we purchased our two items and headed for home.

Such a great ending to our first week of summer!

Before signing off though, I want to put voice to my awareness that not all people spent their weekend in an "oasis" of sorts. There are times when we --- myself included --- are surrounded by dry places, and those times are, let's face it, hard. So if a "dry place" better describes your weekend, take heart and take a bit of time to meditate on the following verse:

He changes a wilderness
into a pool of water,
a dry land
into springs of water.

Psm 107:35

Loving you!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A little nugget for you today.....

I was encouraging a dear friend this morning when I wrote the following:

"Just remember: With God, there is [a sense of] diligence -- not panic! Don't ever -- ever -- ever forget this! It is a cornerstone precept that yields peace in the process of refinement."

As I wrote the words, and before I had sent the note, it strongly hit my spirit to share this with you all. I pray it speaks volumes to you as we are all, in fact, "in the process of refinement" -- are we not?

Be encouraged today!

Forsake panic,
Embrace diligence,
And rest in His peace!

Loving you!