Saturday, August 24, 2013

Football Jamboree!

What we did today:

football galore!

Number 19 is our fellow!

Today was the season's introduction with twenty minute scrimmages with each of the teams they'll be playing the full games with in the coming weeks.

There were hundreds of people,
 from the "Mighty Might" teams to the varsity teams,
from the coaches to the spectators.
It was a blast!

Taking to one of the fields

Readying for the hit


Squint! Even with hats on!
It was bright, but with cool temps and a wonderful breeze, the day was perfect!

Family came out to support our champ!

We are SO blessed to have this incredible outlet of Christian football players/coaches/league! If today is an indicator, it's going to be GREAT season! 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


During this summer, I took my children to visit my parents.  It was not an ordinary visit.

At the beginning of 2013, I had expressed an interest to my father....a history interest...with a request that he take me and my children on a "ride down memory lane" at some point during the summer.

With my mother and my father being from the same city  - the same city they still call home, their city is packed full of my family's history.  

As I told my dad, "This is as much for me as it is for my children!"  It was time well spent.  Invaluable, really.

We were not able to complete the tour, so we'll be returning soon for "part two,"  but here are a few snaps of our "memory lane":

The home my father was first brought
to from the hospital as an infant.
My mother's family's home when
 my father began courting her.
The church my parents were married
 at nearly five decades ago.

My parents' first home as a married couple.

I took nearly fifty pictures during "part one," from birthplaces, to schools, to first places of employment, and on.

I am blessed to have pursued my father to do this for me and for my children, and I am profoundly thankful he was more than willing to oblige us! As we drove from one destination to the other, visually seeing the places as they told us the stories from their past was very meaningful to me and to my children! 

A Godly heritage is a priceless heritage. But if your family's heritage is not a Godly one, know that YOU can, through the power of the Holy Spirit, turn that around!  What was does not have to be what is nor what will be!  That's the Good News of the Gospel!

Sow with God, dear ones.... the coming generations will thank you!


Saturday, August 17, 2013

The "Bridge" Weekend

So, it's Saturday morning, and not only is it the start of the weekend, but the start to what I call our "bridge weekend," the bridge between summer and the pending school year.

While I exercised this morning, the men in the family did what they do most every Saturday morning: mountain bike. In the last few weeks, our youngest son has joined my husband and eldest son in their weekend adventure, and in the words of my eldest, "He burns up the trails!" 

It's been a really incredible summer. A rite of passage for all of us in one way or the other.

Our youngest, who has patiently waited to "catch up" with his brother, can hardly been seen as the "young one" anymore. As his growth has taken off, so has the coupling of his strong inner constitution and physical strength. He is fearless. No matter the challenge, he carries himself in such a manner as to declare, "Nothing is going to hold me back!" And it doesn't.

Our daughter is simply stunning.... and though she is a gorgeous gal.... that is not what I mean when I say "stunning." She has made her way through the conflicting emotions and hurdles of adolescence to become this beautiful, confident creation of God. This has been her summer of emergence. And wow.... just wow.

Our eldest son has WORKED this summer.... and I mean worked! Five, sometimes six, days out of the week... every week. Being the people person that he is, he has excelled, but as we have now arrived at his last weekend to work, we are all breathing a joyous sigh of relief.  He said the other night, "Man, I am ready for that week off!"  Yes! And we are SO looking forward to having him with us again!

As for husband and I, well, this has been the summer to balance a lot of PLAY with the obliteration of the "to-do list."  While it has left our heads spinning a bit, I am thrilled that both were achieved! We feel joyfully lighter with the fall season just around the corner! Words cannot express how grateful and thankful I am for this summer and ALL that it contained, but greater still, it has laid the necessary framework for what is ahead!

This past week was what I consider to have been our last week of summer, concluding with a quick trip out of state with my husband's band.  And what a grand way to conclude summer it was!  Check out this sunset caught on film by my daughter:  (She's got a real knack for the camera!)

(Click on the pictures to enlarge.)

Gorgeous sunset!
 Shredding it, "Kirby style"

Next week, it's all about forward focus as we stake the ground and move into the new school year.  I am SO excited about this upcoming fall semester! I hope you'll come along with us on our adventures.  There will be football games, lock-ins, all manner of fall family festivities, band gigs, ministry trips, and it all will conclude with a family "Christmas season" trip to one of my favorite cities, New York! Yep, ice skating in Rockefeller Plaza, carriage rides through Central Park, 5th avenue window shopping.

Can you sense I am just a tad excited about the pending season?  Just a tad...

Before signing off this morning, I want to leave you with an exhortation. It's all well and fun to share a little bit of our life with you, but it should not stop there.  I wrote a teaching some time ago about deciding to be a passenger in God's car, letting Him take your car wherever He deems necessary for His purposes and your growth.  To be sure, there are sunshine filled days, as well as stormy days, but nevertheless there is no finer place to be!  It's a place of purpose, growth, and adventure.  If you have not given YOUR life over to God, handed over the keys and the steering wheel, placing yourself in the backseat... please consider doing so today!

Will life be all rosy from here on out if you do?  No, but if you do nothing, where will you be?  Right where you are...or worse. Human effort equates to vapors.  There is a song by Casting Crowns, called "American Dream," that sums up human effort verses divine living.  Take the time to listen....

Are your priorities God's priorities?  If your life isn't turned over to Him....truly and wholly turned over to Him....the blaring answer is no.

Life is a process, not a destination.  There isn't a person living that "has arrived."  No, because this side of Glory, God's desire is to continue driving us along, using "weather" and "terrain,"  to transform us greater still into His image. Consider giving yours to Him today, and trade human effort for divine living! 

May YOUR  "semester" be a blessed and rewarding one in GOD'S eyes!


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Perfect Activity on a Hot Summer Day!

(Click on pictures to enlarge)

Silliness caught on film!

Snowball fight pit!

Yep... the cow showed up!