Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Catching Up!

May 28, 2014....  well, at least I managed to sit a spell before June arrived.  Just barely, I know.

I think it best to recap the past two months "in pictures" because well, frankly, there is no way I could possibly convey the last two months any other way except to perhaps write a mini-book. And let's be honest, I do not want to write a mini-book, and most likely you do not want to read one.  It is summer (!), and we both have better things to do, right?!  Right!

So here goes, and remember you can click on the pictures to enlarge them ;o) :

In April, amidst all the partying planning,
prom preparations, and general school mayhem,
we took in NC State's "Red and White" game.

Then came the Prom!  
I had so much fun enabling my kids to have
a night they will never forget with their friends.

My sophomore and my junior.
GREAT "kids"!

Gorgeous venue.

 After Prom, came the final push to wrap up the school year.

Let me introduce you to "Mr. Straight A's sixth grader."  (Grin!)
  He was just about done for the year,
so he clearly was enjoying  just hanging out.
 Brother and sister reminded him he had better enjoy these years
while he was passing through them because
- well  - harder years lay straight ahead.

All the hard work paid off!
Straight A's were his reward,
  including a whopping  99  end-of-year -grade in Algebra 2!
He is more than ready to take on his senior year!

Ahem... say hello to "Ms. Straight A's," too!
  She holds her own, no doubt about it,
taking all junior level classes as a sophomore!
  She managed to best her brother
on their final history exam by ONE point...  a 98!
Un-stinkin-real!  A 97 and a 98!

I had to chuckle as their teachers said to me,
"Yep, every week we waited to see
what would happen between the two of them.
It seemed they traded top honors back and forth week by week."
   Brian and I could not be more proud of them!

I don't mind saying after homeschooling my kids from
kindergarten through ninth grade,
I feel *I* have earned a 4.0+ GPA, too!
(Triple grin!)

LAST day of school!
Praise the Lord!  Truly!
Hello, dog-days of summer!!!

Then came a certain someone's Sweet Sixteen Party!
And what a party it was!
We had yummy food,
including a very special birthday cake,
croquet on the lawn, a pinata smashing,
a costume contest, a photo booth,
a fire/smore pit, and MUCH chattering and laughter
among loads of friends until late into the night!
An evening to remember for sure!

Her chosen theme was Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland."
Don't you just love the hat!?
Unreal cake, both in design and taste!
SEVEN layer work of ART!
Red-velvet! All edible!
Our greeter! 
(aka: my youngest)
He made his costume, and boy, was it GREAT!!

One of my nephews with my eldest.

The family!
LOVE these people SO much!

Our guests for the evening!
FUN, FUN times!

Guest of honor!
No way my heart can contain the love I have for her!

Then there came spring football wrap-up for our youngest!

My "little" man
- who now stands at 5' 8" at 12 years of age -
fixing to bring on the heat!

See #8 blue team?
He's getting ready to be taken DOWN by my "little" man!

My champion!
Their team won the season.

Then came Mother's Day:

You all have a GREAT summer!
I'll check in perhaps from time to time,
but I won't lie, it won't be that often!
This mama has a lot to keep up with
......JOYFULLY so!