Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ministry Update

We wanted to give you a quick ministry update, as we are nearly half way through the year.

Many of you will recall this post from time now past, "There are 195 nations in the world....122 of them have access to the internet. To date, JITM has reached over half those lands! In the past two months, sixteen NEW nations were reached!" 

Well, it blesses us tremendously to report that thus far THIS year, JITM has joyfully and with great praise to God connected with 24 additional nations, including Armenia, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Bolivia, Romania, and United Arab Emirates to name a few. To witness as He continues to reach out all across His world to make Himself known to those who are looking is nothing short of breathtaking! We give Him our highest praise for He is worthy.... so very worthy!

Many times words fall short in conveying just what a blessing you are to us here at JITM. The Body of Christ is so very beautiful! As I wrote in "Beyond the Greenhouse," "[The Body of Christ] is not of this world. It, too, is supernatural; formed through covenant by God, brought to life with Christ's blood. Man didn't make it; man cannot destroy it!" If you are a part of the Body of Christ, does it not thrill you to the bone to BELONG to God in such an intimate, yet profoundly powerful connected way?! I know I thrill at the knowledge of it!

Pray with us as we continue on!
Bless you and thank you!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"When the Stars Burn Down"

You know there are just certain songs that demand the volume knob to go UP.  This is one of those songs! 

I was out running an early morning errand a bit ago when I pulled up Phillips,Craig, and Dean's CD, "Breathe In".  Admittedly, I already had the lyrics of "When the Stars Burn Down" running through my head, so my spirit was ahead of my body.....always a good thing! ;o)  I went on to listen to the subsequent songs on the CD, and by the time I arrived back home, I honestly could have soared out of the car and into my house.  (Short flight I know, but a flight nonetheless!)

Enjoy! And yes, by all means, crank it UP!

He is SO worth our adoration and praise!