Sunday, November 16, 2014

Celebrating Twenty-One Years

Our anniversary is in the month of November. 
I struggle with trying to summarize
twenty-one years together. 
Plain and simple, it can't be done in brief form. 

One thing I know full well though: God diligently used the past twenty one years to love and discipline two divinely adopted orphans into obedient members in His Family. 

Many years ago, God spoke Isaiah 27 into my spirit concerning our lives, our marriage, and His purpose concerning the two. 

In the good and the not so good, through both the exciting and the mundane, God has been ever present, authoritatively and consistently stating,  "I, the Lord, am its Keeper; I water it every moment; lest anyone harm it, I guard and keep it night and day.....In the days and generations to come, Jacob shall take root; Israel shall blossom and send forth shoots and fill the whole world with fruit [of the knowledge of the true God]."

There has ever only been one overriding response divinely rooted deep within my soul:

"Let it be so!"  

And because *HE* accomplishes that which He purposes, I am blessed to enjoy these precious souls daily, with the knowledge that the complete fullness of His Word to us is yet to be realized!

I am forever grateful for beginnings, for growth, for His divine leadership; for they have yielded and will continue to yield an abundant crop that exceeds these precious souls!

Giving Him ALL the glory for what He began
twenty-one years ago!
  I am humbled and so very grateful.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Andrew's First Mountain Bike Race

This morning Andrew, our eldest son, competed in his first mountain bike race. Fifty five miles, forty degree temperatures, and mud! He was numb to the core at the finish line, but finished in the top ten! So proud of him!! We are all thankful to the Lord for a safe race, home, heat, and hot chocolate!

(As always, click on images to enlarge them.)

His "pit stop" prior to his last leg!
"Last leg" being 14 miles,
thank you very much!
On a mountain bike that is like LONG, LONG!
His sprint to the finish line!
Seconds after dismount!

He was having a little trouble with his legs
cramping, thus his slightly odd stance.

After race snack.
His back.....covered!

Heading home!
One of the top ten racers!
SO proud of him!
His mind is as strong as his body
.... and THAT is saying something!
Not too many ROAD race 55 miles...
much less mountain bike racing!

 Happy Saturday, all!