Saturday, April 28, 2018

A Resignation

I'm winding down, but before turning in I thought I would do something I haven't done in sometime.... share a few thoughts.

Recently, I have delighted in the expositions of two Christian men; Pastor James MacDonald (out of Illinois) and Rick Thomas (out of South Carolina).   Their applied wisdom has left me both challenged and the wiser numerous times this year.  

Just this past week or so, I read Rick Thomas' article, "A Few Thoughts on an Unchangeable Situation".

Captivating title, eh?  Perhaps even a bit tremor-inducing through the view of "mainstream Christianity".  

What do you mean "unchangeable situation"?  Don't situations change in the scope of the "God element"?

Not necessarily, as life's decades have certainly taught me.

I want to pull a quote from Rick's article:

"Just because you want what the Bible teaches, it does not mean you will get it.  Jesus wanted to live. That was not the narrative His Father had in mind. There are two ditches you must avoid:

      1. I will have what I want, especially when the Bible does not forbid my desires.

      2. I will resign myself to a pitiful life because God is not giving me the desires of my heart.

In between those two ditches is a practical faith that allows you to be a 'man of sorrows, acquainted with grief' (Isaiah 53:3) while entrusting yourself to Him who judges justly (I Peter 2: 20-25). The only way to find that sweet spot is through the door of death. (Hebrews 2: 14-15; Luke 14: 26-27)." 

If you are like me, you'll find yourself thinking on these statements in the days to come. I encourage you to courage UP and allow these truths to soak in deep.  Let them both challenge you and change you.

The first time I read them, I experienced the "spiritual blitz of truth."  I knew I was reading truth; I just didn't particularly "swallow it."  It sort of stuck in my throat, but something happened in between the first reading of it and last reading of it.  A point of surrender.  A point of death.  A resignation.

I have long since believed in the necessity to guard against habitual critical thinking because it does put the Author of my story in a bad light to do so.  Granted, long endured trials truly put such a proper and correct positioning of the heart through intense paces that wholly cannot be appreciated unless experienced. Long endured trials walked with the dedication to see who God is THROUGH the process is NOT for the faint at heart.

But through the process, this is what I KNOW:

I am worth knowing.... even if others forsake the opportunity to get to know me.
I am a deep well.... even if others miss the opportunity to dip their cup for a drink.
I am a strong stake in the ground.... even if others fail to hold on in time of weakness.
I am a daughter of the King..... even if others fail to see.

I have value, not in who I am......but who I am in.
I have power, not in who I am.... but who I am in.
I have joy, not in who I am..... but who I am in.

I am not the author of my story.....but my story is surrendered to the Author.
I will leave at least one footprint upon this earth not because of who I am.... 

but WHO I AM IN.

I am resigned to THAT resignation.

Live life, dear ones, with such a resignation. Christ... THE TREASURED ONE... was missed by many, valued by few, but changed the entire paradigm of history by His willingness to embrace an unchangeable situation.....alone.  

In Him, I find my rest. ♡

Godspeed, dear ones...

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