Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sunday in (Mostly) Pictures

It's Mother's Day.... a happy day for some, a sad day for others, a mixed day for many. Wherever you fall in the various scopes, I pray you feel God's abiding presence.  He alone possesses the ability to meet each of us in our unique place.   So indescribably grateful for Him. ♡

THE  MOST beautiful woman in MY eyes always.
♡ My mom ♡

The eternal optimist in Christ!

My favorite food of all time.... Mediterranean! 

Nearly 25 years and counting....
a lot of grace, forgiveness, vision, hope, and love...
a fierce and unrelenting combination IN God.

Beyond grateful at the fruit that graces my life daily through these
three souls far more than words or actions could ever convey.

At lunch today, my husband asked the kids, "What's one thing you are thankful for in your mom."
My daughter's response, "Only one?...."
My eldest son's response, "Her relentless tenaciousness."
My youngest son's response, "Her humor."

TREASURED WORDS placed in my heart's vault forever.

To God be ALL the Glory!


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