Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Don't have but a moment....

Good morning!

It feels like I have been away for ages, but alas it has only been a few days! I have been one busy lady though!

Over the weekend, our family spent time with "life long" friends. During the gathering, we picnicked, enjoyed the beauty of a lake at sunset, and celebrated my 40th birthday that was earlier this month.

To end the evening: Super yummy Tiramisu topped with raspberries!

We didn't get home until 11:30.....and we were tired! But oh, what a delightful evening with cherished friends!

Since my R&R -- I have been "in the book." Please pray for me. My greatest concern on this maiden voyage is that something be unclear. With spiritual matters, one must not be flippant! I have been inspecting and weighing each sentence to make sure it is clear, right, and honors Father. This is my absolute heart! Even though such inspection is tedious and time consuming, when it goes to the printer, I will know I have given Papa my all. So your prayers are very much appreciated! Lord willing, it will be off to the printer by week's end!

Okay -- so, off I go. I'll leave you with this precious song I delighted in this morning.

Have a marvelous Wednesday!
(I can hardly believe it is the end of June!?)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Delightful evening

My husband and I took our children to see the 34th African Children's Choir last night. We had not heard of them, nor seen them, until last night.

Their mission is to bring awareness to the devastation of the children in Africa. The children we saw last night were all between the ages of 8 and 11, and all of them had lost either one or both of their parents. After these children tour for a year as African's ambassadors, they return home and are educated. Two adults were with them as chaperons who had toured with the group years back. They both had graduated... one with a degree in Design, and the other, a degree in Business Administration. The children are taught the hope that is found only in Jesus, and are encouraged to return to their homes to better the situations within their communities. They have been at it since the 1980's.

It truly was an unforgettable evening! My youngest son said this morning, "Mom, last night will be in my brain for a long time!" Indeed!

Here are a few pictures from the night..... enjoy!

(You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.)

And of course, there was no ignoring the evening sky as we left!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Good Golly!

Okay so I had visions of a restful weekend until last night -- shock of shocks -- the publisher fired the manuscript back to me for one last pass. Are you kidding me? Less than 24 hours after I tagged them as "it" I am tagged again?! There should be at least a 48 hour rule.... right?

Well, so be it. At least I will be surrounded by my favorite things.... My hubby (who is home), my children, and two other delights....

(Yellow roses -- my favorite!)

(And this needs no introduction..... ;o))

Have a blessed weekend! I know I will!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ode to a restful evening!

Okay... since my last post this afternoon:

I ran to get something to eat..... finally! (I have been in the cave of writing for the past two and a half days and the cupboards were..... well, pitiful!) (SIGH!)

I made my way to the grocery store..... the kids were oh so thankful! (GRIN!)

I ran to the pet store to get food for dog and bird food.... and seeing as how we were out of both, they are glad... they just don't know it! (WINK!)

I fixed supper.... and now I am officially resting for the remainder of the evening! (EXHALE!)

And in case anyone needs clarification on my post below.... at roughly 2:00 this afternoon, I sent the manuscript back to the editor.... Oh, I will sleep good tonight! (ZZZZZ!)

Now I am going to pop over to the website and update the "Passage to Ponder"..... slightly tardy, but better late than never! (It has been a crazy, intense day!) (POPPING!)

I trust you all are doing well! (You know you guys can "talk" to me..... You are way too silent!) (LISTENING!)

Have a marvelous evening! (HUGS!)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

His strength

Good morning!

Well, I am here.... Praise Him! Truly! With the finish line (of this book) just straight in front of me, I am determined to run across it in His strength!

I worked last night until my eyelids would not stay open. You can only imagine how "unthrilled" I was to be awakened by my eldest son's alarm clock going off before 6:00 so he could go for his morning bike ride. I'll be just fine, but honestly .... birds yesterday... alarm clock today......

I tell you when I hit the "send" button on my computer this afternoon, returning the manuscript back to the publisher, I am going to rejoice and celebrate by going to bed directly after supper. ;o)

I'll leave you with this song. I richly enjoyed it this morning as I looked to Him to impart His strength to me. I pray it will bless you as it did me! No matter if you are weary physically, spiritually, emotionally, or perhaps all three.... He is our strength!

Draw from Him today!

Loving you!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fun pictures....

Okay... so after being awake for a few hours... I am feeling more like myself! Thank you, Lord!
I thought it would be fun to share some pictures from my weekend with you.... enjoy!

We were cruising down the highway when I looked in my rear view mirror to this view. Packed in the back of the car, little Jasmine (dear daughter's bird) had found the only peek hole, desperate to see the rest of her "flock" (that would be us). As you will see below...things were pretty silent! She was gripping the wire on the side of her cage for all she was worth. Needless to say on the ride home, we put her in the back seat so she would feel more secure than she was feeling at this moment.... ;o)

As for the rest of the crew....... (even the pooch!)

Time with family.....

The children had picked one of those funny audio cards....

"Oh, please, please, pleeeaaassseee.... can I spend the night at cousin Megan's?" (Really, I didn't mind as much as the picture depicts! Dear hubby just happened to have caught me at the moment she asked and I had one of those "Dear me" moments.... ;o))

Dear hubby with one of the sweetest aunts ever!

I walked in from outside to discover my youngest wasn't content with a big fluffy chair, but had to add fluff in the form of every pillow he could find! He is too amusing for words!

(And I apologize to my mother-in-law and father-in-law! I did not get a picture of them together nor with dear hubby! Boo on my oversight.)

For an additional chuckle: here is proof that I do not possess a green thumb, vegetatively speaking! I asked dear daughter this morning (who can seemingly bring back the deadest of plants) if I could exchange her plant (on the left) for my plant (on the right). Mine needs to go into "Amber's hospital for plants" for a while! The plant on the left was mine... and ended up looking like the plant on the right before I turned it over to her too.... I just do not understand what it is I do ... or don't do... :o) Some people have it, and some do not.... I do not! I am totally okay with this, truly..... and am thankful for dear daughter's gift! (grin)

Now this morning, I am off for a visit to the Farmer's Market where I will continue to marvel at the "green thumbs" --and partake of their gift in the form of fresh peaches and "other"..... THRILLS and JOY!! Thank you, Lord, for the gifts of others! Truly! ;o)

Have a blessed day!!

First official day of summer.....

Good morning!

I must confess I am a bit draggy this morning.
Correction: a lot draggy!

I traveled to meet my husband at his parents' home this weekend. It was a "whirlwind" trip, but we had a really great time. Saturday evening they hosted supper to around 30 or so relatives, some of whom we had not seen in years! I arrived back home late last night and was awoken this morning just after 5:00 to what sounded like earth's entire aviary in my backyard. Any other time it would have been a joy to wake up to such sounds but this morning I grabbed another pillow and tossed it on my head in an attempt to drown their chirping out. It didn't work. I gave up and rolled out at 5:26 am.

I have been on the road a lot in recent months. Hands down I have traveled more in the past two months than my entire year last year, but I am building up "traveling endurance" and becoming quite the pro at coming and going. Like everything new there are stronger days of endurance than others, but I know by doing my endurance will increase.....right? Right!

I do pray you are beginning your week with more rest than I. But if you are not, take heart in knowing you have company! Together we will go in God's strength and be richly rewarded by sweet slumber tonight!

Praying for all my siblings out there.... especially the extra weary ones! ;o)

Friday, June 18, 2010


Sorry --- I just can hardly contain my excitement! I am almost finished with the final edits to the book! I actually am going to get to fire this puppy back to the publisher this weekend! Oh, how I praise and thank Father for His grace that has and is seeing me through!

Apart from a lunch date today, I have not put down my laptop. It is now 5:09, and after a highly respectable day of labor, it is "break time." (Yes, I am sure I will be back at it tonight.)

About twenty minutes ago, one of my two older children just came in and gave me a look. If you are a parent, you probably know the look I am talking about. It is the look of "I am hungry and feeling a bit forgotten.... when are you coming up for air?"

My response, you ask?

"Okay, that look is the look of a toddler who only demands and never thinks about giving. You are not a toddler. It is good for you to give to me this time."

(End of story, but I didn't say that!)

Quietly --- and understandingly --- they left the room.

We need to encourage our children to stretch themselves even as we stretch.

Having said that... It is now indeed time for me to peel myself out of this chair and take the kiddos for pizza!

Rejoice with me, dear siblings, for the finish line is close at hand!
I can hardly wait for you to read it!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Okay -- I'm up...

After the children turned in last night, I went to my bedroom, puffed up the pillows, and climbed into bed to continue working on the last review of the book. Just before turning out the light at 11:30 (ish), I set my computer down right beside my bed.... not wanting to get up, of course. Well, that means that here I am with you this morning before my feet have ever touched the floor! Makes me happy.... real happy!

I actually woke up at just after 6:00. That is not a pleasant thing when having turned in close to midnight! I am one of "those people" who wakes up early regardless of when I go to bed. As a result, I almost always turn in before eleven. (FYI, I am also one of "those people" who do not operate well with little sleep!) Anyway, I had a sweet time with the Lord this morning as I laid there.... somewhat playing opossum and so desiring that I would -- for at least this morning -- possess the ability to drift back off to sleep.... while Father gently nudged me to wake fully and get on with my day. ("Yes, Sir, getting up now...." ;o) )

In a matter of moments, I will roll out of the bed, put my running shoes on, and hit the pavement before it gets too hot it will be at 8:00! (Right now it is a balmy 79 degrees and it isn't even 7:00 yet!) I was born and raised in North Carolina, but I do not believe I will ever get used to the summers here. The humidity is really something else! It certainly makes it feel a whole lot hotter than the temperature gage says it is!

Anyway.... just wanted to say, "Hi," and let you know you will be on my mind and upon my heart as I go out this morning!

Loving you!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The mid-point day of the mid-point month...

I simply cannot believe we are almost at the halfway point to this year! How did that happen? When did that happen?

Back a few months ago, I came across an article whose hypothesis was that as we age our brain speeds us, therefore giving us the perspective that time is going by at a faster rate. I suppose it sounds plausible to me..... especially this morning as I come face to face with the realization that nearly half this year is gone!

It is summer, and we are off from school. In the midst of having one foot planted in one state and having the other foot planted in a different state, we are truly trying to reside in the moment of wherever we happen to be on any given day.

This morning I will take the children to one of the free summer movies, and then I must continue to finish the final edits on the book. My goal is to sign off on it by week's end.

I pray you reflect with me on the passing of time and make the commitment to hone in on how Father wants you to spend your days. With Him, they will be rich and productive.... even at leisure.....because He orders the days according to His purpose. Without Him, days are painfully aimless!

Stay with Papa and let Him lead you!
And may you enjoy your "mid-point day of the mid-point month!"

Monday, June 14, 2010

Way past bedtime!

You know I am sitting here --- past midnight -- pondering. I am pondering in some deep places..... the kind of places that can only be reached in the night hours when everything becomes very still.

Tonight I talked on the phone with one of my very dearest friends. She and I go way back. I'm just telling you the phone is a dangerous thing between us. We easily spend an hour on the phone... and that is saying a lot, friends, because I do not do the phone in general.

Anyway, I was sharing with her the depths of my thoughts in recent days, and she remarked that she, too, had been on the same thought road in the spirit. (I just love that about she and I..... God just seems to have kept us on a parallel path all these years.) After an hour and twenty minutes.... and finally hanging up after eleven o'clock, I sat and marveled for a bit at the gift God brought into my life through her.

Then my thoughts went back to the themes I had been pondering earlier. One such theme was God as my anchor. Really all through the day this has been a theme of reflection. My hubby and I talked about it over breakfast this morning. I thought about it has I taught my children today deeper things about God, their Father. I thought about it earlier tonight as I watched an Apocalyptic movie with my family. And I thought about it while on the phone with my dear sister this evening.

What in the world do people do when they don't have a personal relationship with God? I simply cannot imagine it.

"The World of Unknowns" is actually not a bad place to live when you have the God of the Universe walking you through it. This particular world has been the world of my traverse for the past nine months. In reality, it is always our world. We just tend to try and fool ourselves with thoughts of the known. And I suppose for a number of people there are a number of known things about their day. However, I cannot be counted among them for God has had me in a place of literally not knowing diddle from one day to the other for months now...except His abiding presence.

I'll be real candid to say it is not for the weak at heart, but oh -- the gifts that await one willing to traverse such terrain are so far beyond earthly value! The top of the list is knowing ..... deeply knowing God as Anchor.... not just as pleasant words, or a comforting thought, or even an ethereal belief --- but a deep knowing that extends to every fiber of one's being when walked out day to day for months. When one truly and utterly gets this aspect of Father, and hurdles over the shock of countless unknowns, life becomes an adventure. And I am left with the profound understanding that "to know" would only spoil the journey.

I pray whatever you are facing you hurdle over the shock and find Him as your Anchor, too.

God's people should never live a life of the mundane. Father's habitation is at the edge; it is soaring above the clouds where revelations of His Being simply cannot be taken in with both feet planted on the ground.

"He found him in a desert land,
And in the howling waste of a wilderness;
He encircled him, He cared for him,
He guarded him as the pupil of His eye.
Like an eagle that stirs up its nest,
That hovers over its young,
He spread His wings and caught them,
He carried them on His pinions.
The LORD alone guided him,
And there was no foreign god with him.
He made him ride on the high places of the earth,
And he ate the produce of the field.."
Deut 32: 10-13

So very thankful He is the Anchor of my life......and the Anchor of my days......

Lead on, Precious One....
With pounding wings, I'll chase after You.
And when I can go no more, I'll give You praise,
for You carry me on Your pinions!

Have you left the safety of the ground yet?
If you have not as of yet, do not lose heart!
When He calls your name to take flight,
may you find the courage found only in Him as the Anchor to your being....
and soar, my sibling!

He'll not let you fall... this I know!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

It is good to be home!

Well, being away from home for a week, I arrived home last night just before nine o'clock.

It was a delightful time away in many respects, but as the saying goes, "There is no place like home!"

Last week was a wonderful time of quiet with God. I spent a good bit of it just listening to His wonderful voice. I turned off the phone and did not check email. I admit it is always difficult the first few days of disconnect, but I have found it to be a wonderful discipline over the years!

Now it is time to re-engage this week. I am ready! I am in the final edit of the book.... actually I am at the point where the publisher has handed it back to me for the final sign off before going to print. I can hardly believe in a matter of weeks something the Lord gave to me to scribe will be on Amazon and other (the marketing of it has not be nailed down yet). Oh how I pray it touches the lives of many for His namesake..... He has been so faithful to me for decades, it will be my thrill and pleasure to proclaim Him to others in written form! So... it will be my to-do this week to read my book cover to cover and sign off on it, Lord willing...unless He sparks my heart to add to it! Your prayers are much appreciated this week if He happens to bring me across your heart and mind!

Well, I am off to have a sweet time with God and my children as we stop and honor the One our lives are lived for! I surely hope you too will have a most blessed time in His sweet tender presence today!

Much love to you, my siblings! Shine His presence through your life that all you meet will see HIM! Resist timidity... and walk boldly for the One who gave all He had for you!


Friday, June 11, 2010

My Jesus......No words are adequate....

Don't let this just produce an emotional response..... but press your roots further into Him and grow.... soak in the reality of Him .... our risen King!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Well needed rest.....

Good evening!

I am in a most delightful corner of the world... sitting with only the chirps of the evening birds and the occasional creak of my rocking chair to break the silence. I am taking a well needed break from life. Thank you, Lord, most sincerely.

You know in my moments of sitting in silence with God today I have been thinking just how blessed I am to know the people in my life. Relationships are such a blessing from Father. I think about some of the oldest relationships I have. The ones that have stood the test of time... that have shared the sunshine, weathered the storms, and stood firm with me to the other side to share the view of the rainbow. I think about the new relationships Father has brought into my life and those relationships yet to be made.

I have discovered things in the silence with Father that can only be discovered while "being still." The richness and the treasures of the silent places with Father always beckon my return time and time again.

In the silent moments of today, one of the things I became keenly aware of in greater measure is that although I certainly need my quiet moments of refreshing, I crave people -- not in a bad way -- but in an extension of Father's love-kind-of-way.

I love getting update emails from my siblings in Christ as they relay their own personal growth.... Shoot, I love that I actually know people who crave to grow! Praise Him for such desires as they have, and the intentional strides they take towards Abba!

I love taking time out of my often times busy schedule to have a cup of coffee with another, watching as an hour turns to three.... and realizing three hours is a far better treasure than the one hour would have been!

I love that Father is deepening my love and passion for my siblings with each passing day..... Do you know how my heart bursts for you?! If I have so much as a pinpoint of space gifted to me to encourage and love on you, then I consider myself blessed beyond measure... I mean that with everything in me!

I am thankful tonight to sit in utter silence with Father and have my thoughts turn towards you! Praise Him.... we love Him because He first loved us! Aren't you glad He found you? The God of the Universe reached down, found you, and offered you adoption through His Son's shed blood. I am thankful you accepted His offer! I am thankful you are my brother and sister in Christ! YOU are significant to Him...... You matter to Him..... You have a special place in Abba's heart. And we are FAMILY! Oh the thrill of belonging.... and not just to anyone.... but to the God of the Universe..... the Great I AM! I confess my heart is about to burst wide open!

I sure hope you take time, as I take time, to ponder His love and allow Him to expand your love for those around you. The world is starving for genuine agape love..... a love that gives unconditionally because we know what it is to receive Abba's agape.

Oh dearest sibling, I am thinking of you tonight and loving you. I pray Father's love and presence sweeps over you afresh right where you are.

As for me, I think I shall take an evening stroll with Papa and close out this day...... in silence.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oddities on a birthday...

You know there are just some things that just can not be made up, and I have two such "things" to share with you that occurred today on my birthday.

1) Free coffee w/ a serenade, anyone?

So I went into a coffee shop this afternoon that offers free coffee on one's birthday. There were two fellas working the counter. I was in a particularly chipper mood... (Who wouldn't be with free coffee just moments away?!) I had a copy of an email that I was supposed to submit with my driver's license, but the guy at the register (Let's call him "Fellow 1") waved the viewing of said driver's license.(Wasn't that gentleman like of him?) Anyway, the fun began. The guy making the coffee (Let's call him "Fellow 2") said, "What are you 12, 14?" Then Fellow 1 said, "No, 24." All I could think was "Are they serious?".... chuckling and further thinking "Do I have to play along with this? I just want coffee." "Yeah, right," I laughed. Then Fellow 1 said, "Okay, I guess 30." (I thought, "Are we really going there?!") "Hum, no," I said. Fellow 2, "Okay 33." (Further thought: "Okay, so we really are going there.") At this point, I stopped talking and shook my head with a chuckle mixed in for "fun."

Fellow 1,"Well.... you can't be over 35."

My response, "Hum, yes I can."





"Tell me you are not 40."

(Hum... no response. None.)

"You are not 40!"

"Hum... yeah, I am... (Thought: Now where is my coffee?!)"

Fellow 2 at this point chimes in, "Now I want to see your driver's license!"

(Thought: "Hum, nope... you missed your chance at the driver's license... and what exactly is 40 supposed to look like??")

Again, Fellow 2,"I am a decent baritone....I'm singing 'Happy Birthday' to you!"

(Thought: "Oh my word..surely he is not...")

Fellow 2: "1, 2, 3.... Happy birthday to you.."

Fellow 1, "Cha, cha, cha." (No, I am not kidding....Fellow 1 actually chimed in on the fun!)

Fellow 2, "Happy birthday to you..."

Fellow 1, "Cha, cha, cha."

Fellow 2, "Happy birthday to yoooooouuuuuu, happy birthday to yoooouuuuu."

Customer walking by, "It's her birthday?"

(Thought: "Well, yeah....")

For the record I have never been publicly serenaded anywhere, by anyone, for any reason ..... And it totally made my birthday! Not sure if that makes me a pitiful person or not... but I left with one more big smile... and a supper fabulous cup of joe! Thanks, Fellow 1 and Fellow 2 .... I don't know if you were just really egging it on and are just really good actors... or if you were truly stunned at the revelation of my age...... either way you truly made me feel 12... no, 14... no, 24 .... Let's stick with the 24... ;o)

2) Chicken feet.

Now let me first say I was highly tempted to take a picture and include it here for your viewing pleasure, but honestly to do so would insure that you would never... and I mean never revisit me here again .... Ever. So as to not risk your departure, you will just have to use your imagination!

After walking out of the coffee shop, I headed to a friend's house for an hour of fun (It is always fun at her house... always!) and fellowship. Now, my dear friend is fascinating through and through. Every time I leave her presence I can honestly say I have either heard or experienced something totally new to me.

Today, it was chicken feet. Chicken feet in a pot of stew.

I really thought she was joking, until she pulled one of those babies up out of the broth (simmering away in a pot for a meal the following day), and I just about lost it. Cut off at the ankle with toenails still attached...there it was.

What in the world is that all about?! Honestly.

Well, I learned chicken feet properties (and yes, I guess there really are "chicken feet properties") are actually thought to be medicinal for the calming of one's intestines as well as releasing a desirable ingredient into the broth that otherwise would not be there. I have since pulled this statement up from a cooking website: "The rich gelatin of the feet create a rich and nutritious stock." But at that moment this afternoon in her home, shocked and stunned, I asked, "Are you serious?" "Oh yeah," she said, "The Asians have been doing it for centuries."

Who would have thought it? Anyone? Anyone at all?
Not I... that I know with absolute certainty!

And of course, my experience would not be complete until she sealed three frozen chicken feet in a baggie for me to take home. Can't wait to pull those babies out and toss them into a stew! Not totally sure I will ever actually have the nerve to use them! If I ever do, the feet are supposed to be removed before serving the meal, but just for shock value, I may just have to leave them in and serve them up! .... Just kidding! ... (sort of.... ;o)).

(PS: I love you, my dear friend, for all that you are and all that you add to my life! I always learn something new when I visit!)

And thus closed my 40th year...
"Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Weeeeeeeeee!
Sure was memorable in ways I could never have imagined!

Take Time to Praise Him!

As I was on my way home this morning from a haircut appointment, I popped in my friend, Travis', CD. It was not long before I was singing at the top of my lungs. (Really, is there any other way to sing praise to our God?!)

I must have really been singing louder than even I realized because at some point I took note that the lady just slightly ahead of my car in the other lane...stopped at the stoplight... was turning this way and she was searching for something... like perhaps where the music was coming from?? I had to chuckle... and yes, I did turn it down a bit.... And no, it is not because I can't sing! ;o)

Anyway, when I arrived home, a quick search on the web brought up the song that caused me to receive searching glances from other drivers....

May you "crank it up" and sing praises to our God!

Deborah a most excellent way!

Yesterday was a day filled with awe. I received emails from precious siblings in the Lord I have never met who contacted me through the website.

Some time ago when Father apprehended my personal blog as part of the birth of Joy In The Morning, Father had me close the blog/website to comments and communication from outside sources. I now understand it was so I would be trained to write what Papa put on my heart without the sway of outside influence and to write what He placed on my heart as if I had an audience of one... and that one being Him.... and that One being solely enough to provoke me to obedience for obedience sake.

But I will confess that coupled to my obedience has been a persistent prayer: "Let me bless the one in front of me." If I share Him and what I know of Him.... then, and only then, have I fulfilled my heart's prayer because to share Him is to bless others with a blessing that surpasses anything this world has to offer!

Well, yesterday it was as if Papa drew back a veil and revealed the cloaked "ones" He has caused to "stumble" onto my blog in the past. To say I was humbled is a drastic understatement. I marveled at what He has accomplished in recent years in both my life and those who have visited me in cyberspace; birthed through a consuming desire to please Him and to be found obedient.

Obedience for obedience sake, with a heart to simply break the spiritual bread He shared and taught me with you, has yielded the reward of a very humble, yet very full heart within me. Thank you for sending in your emails testifying to Father's goodness and faithfulness that caused our paths to cross in cyberspace! I had the hope that you were out there and being blessed, but until yesterday... until the thing was revealed.... I did not know. I am profoundly thankful to Papa for fulfilling my heart's cry to be a blessing. Please know just how much I enjoyed hearing you give testimony to Father's direction in leading you to the site and what it has meant to you!

My commitment to Papa and you is to keep on doing exactly what I have been doing and pray that He continues to use me for years and years to keep right on ministering to the one in front of me.... that would be YOU!

So here's to years of sowing with Papa and the blessed hope of many more to come! I have such anticipation over a Kingdom harvest that you and I will give to our King from our lives being pressed in in the pursuit of excellence and knowing Him to deep depths! One cannot encounter God and not be forever changed!

Giving Him all the praise and sending you my love!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's a NEW day!

The official "Joy in the Morning Ministries" website is now operational! Praise be! As such, the blog can now be accessed through the website: .

One thing you will note that is a bit different here at the blog is that this blog is now open to comments! Yes, the comment tab has now been reinstated! The blog will be more day to day observation/event type dialogue as I now have a separate "Teaching" tab on the website.

It is my hope that you will enjoy both the blog and the website in the future. This is a day that God-given vision and direction stepped from the spiritual to the physical, and I am excited to see what Father does with it all!

Perhaps the conversational aspect of the blog will lend itself to you sensing more of a connection to me as a person in the day to day, week to week turn of life. I look forward to sharing “me” with you…. and surely I hope you share a bit of “you” with me through your comments (blog) and emails (website)!

Many blessings from one sibling to another!