Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday and what is to come....

Tonight I ran my children to youth group.... along with some kids from the neighborhood. The vehicle was packed, and I was thrilled! I am so delighted to see my children unashamed and openly sharing Jesus with those they come across. Whoohoo!

We had a fun time talking "shop" in the car. The conversation went like so when my eldest discovered my youngest was going to join them tonight:

"But, Mom, sometimes the conversation is a bit mature for him."

"We're talking about Colossians tonight," interjected my daughter.

"It'll be just fine," I said.

One of the neighborhood kids asked, "What is Colossians?"

Oh the joy of imparting Bible knowledge to the youth of today! All I could think was "Jesus, meet 'so-n-so', and 'so-n-so,' meet Jesus!" What an incredible opportunity to introduce three people to the One who makes my heart beat!

After dropping off the children, I rode home listening to a song on a CD. Honestly I pictured just taking flight into the heavenlies. The clouds just seemed to say, "Come on, join us!" Alas, my task here on earth has just barely begun, but my heart "amens" the lyrics: "Let me go home, I'm just too far from where You are; I want to come home..." Often times I experience such intense heartache just to go home and be with the One who I talk with ... the One I walk with.... the One who carries me along the way. Yep, the hunger between He and I tonight was tangible. If I could, I most certainly would have busted through the top of my car and taken flight into His arms. I suppose it was divinely wise of Him to disallow "ability to fly" in mankind's characteristics. But I am so thankful through the power of His Spirit I have full assurance that eventually my day will come, and I'll be able to answer not just the clouds beckon, but my Love's beckon to join Him! Glory!

Until then -- I'll keep doing what I am meant to do.... share Him with others. Two articles will be coming soon to JITM's website. One is entitled "The Mirror Within," and the other is "When God's Plan Feels More Like a Prison."

I love sharing the reality of God with people. He's not some ethereal, distant God. No! He is someone who desires to walk with you through your day -- hour by hour.

Life is meant to be a journey that leaves us more hungry for His presence at the end of each day than when we began our day. Read that again and then ask yourself: "Is this the case with me?" Be careful to give yourself an honest answer. God works with honesty!

Let me ask you this: Do you ever ask God at the end of your Sunday service, "Lord, is Your hunger for fellowship satisfied?" Or are your thoughts hijacked by thoughts of lunch and the afternoon? (Again -- honest answers, dear one; honest answers.)

Are we focused on leaving God "full," or are we more focused on being the one filled?

I desperately want God to not just know I adore Him, but be filled to overflowing with my active adoration every day I am gifted with breath.

What about you?

Just a few things to think about as you close your Sunday.....

Loving you tonight... Have a blessed week!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Read lately?

Point of trivia: Thomas Jefferson sold his personal collection (+/-6,500 books!) to the government in 1815. This transaction really gave a huge boost to the Library of Congress, which began in 1800 during President Adam's tenure, but was fairly destroyed in 1814 when the British set fire to the Capitol building.

I am pretty sure I won't own nearly 6,500 books in my lifetime, but I most likely will have read that many. (Wonder if I should start counting now? That number might be kind of interesting toward the end of my life, don't you think? Well, maybe only to myself... but still.)

Have you picked up a book lately?

Some of my fondest childhood memories are my visits with my great-grandparents. My great-grandfather loved books. He always had stacks of books by his chair that he was actively reading through. Great-grandfather never told me to read, but I always saw his stack of books. Perhaps those stacks of books seen on a regular basis drove a reading root down into my being.

My mother was also faithful through my childhood years to take me to the library. I would surmise that I read "Caddie Woodlawn" at least a half a dozen times in one summer. That book was my favorite childhood book of all time. A few years ago I checked it back out at the library to reread it yet again. Yep, still love it!

Last night I made my way to the library alone. I checked out six books, and started reading two of them last night. They are what I call "pleasure books." Then there are my study books. These are by far where I can stay consumed for hours and hours on end. The other morning when I had to sit at the tire shop I took my book satchel and studied. (No use wasting precious time!) Currently I am in deep study of Galatians, having just completed a study of I Corinthians. Slowly God is leading me through Paul's writings, and I am loving every minute.

Some people say, "Well, I don't read much" or "I don't really enjoy reading." My youngest child once said this too. But after I took the lead (after all, I am the parent!) and required it of him to both listen to me read as well as having him read to me, he now asks, "So are we goin' to read now?!" What used to be an irritant or dislike has been transformed into a pleasure and a sincere like.

Habits. You do know you can form new advantageous habits at any age, don't you? If you have never cared for reading, you just can't imagine what you are forfeiting. God approves of reading, after all solid evidence is witnessed in that He had His words written down. ;o) That should be hint enough. I want to encourage you to read this summer. Take the time. It is a precious and wise thing to slow oneself down and read! The treasures are just waiting to be revealed between the covers of a book. You do like treasures, don't you?

One last word: choose your books wisely. Focus on what is profitable -- what is Godly. There are a lot of "hip and happening books" publishers would just love to shove under your nose, but be wise and discerning through His Spirit within you about what you feed your mind, soul, and spirit!

Last night at the library, I headed straight for the Christian literature. When I got there, I perused the titles. The books I came home with had to come home with me. I don't know how else to describe it. I didn't even bother to read the back covers of the books... I just knew. Sure enough -- the first book I dug into when I arrived home had to do with Nehemiah. I would have never known this by the title, but I had just finished a study on Nehemiah in April and God knew. That's all that really ever counts... listening to God 'cause He knows. It just thrills me to the bone to follow Him, right down to my reading material! There is an ease when we learn His voice by following Him day by day. He'll not pick something out for you to read that is not for your benefit! So if you take me up on my suggestion to do some reading this summer, make sure you are listening to God's direction when perusing the choices out there..... and then enjoy every page! As the saying goes, "Hold a book in your hand and you're a pilgrim at the gate of a new city." Choose your "city of exploration" carefully!

Defining and performing new beneficial habits is always such a blessing because the benefits far exceed the immediate moment of sowing!

Have a delightful read! I know I will!

Monday, May 23, 2011


So I figured I would break my blog absence with some randomness.

1) Next Friday is the last day of school. Do you hear the angels singing? Just kidding, but don't be surprised if you hear us singing!

2) I have been on an online "JITM" sabbatical since the west coast conference... minus May 8th, of course! ;o)

3) My heart is so appreciative and aware of God's wisdom, grace, and strength that leads me through my days. He is my "forever Rock," and I love Him so much! Do you know Him? Really know Him??

4) I am really enjoying the fact that our home seems to have become the "hang out" place for our kids and their friends. Of course the fact that my kids have great friends makes it that much more enjoyable for both kids and parents alike! ;o)

5) It is a fine thing to have supper prepared and the kitchen already cleaned up! I see a very relaxing evening afoot.

I trust you have your own "randomness" that makes you smile too! Enjoy the shift of the season from spring to summer..... stay cool.. and we'll talk soon!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

B'day Cake! Yum!

Happy 13th Birthday, sweet one!
Here's to many many more!

My Mother

My mother is not a "regular" on the computer, so she will not see this unless I send it her way, but that does not negate my desire to honor her life today publicly.

I'll never be able to completely cover in words what she has meant to me through the years, but I sure know one thing:
I love her more and respect her more with each passing day, month, and year.

She has been an unmistakable mentor in my life. She and my dad deeply instilled in me the importance of God's Word, a real and active relationship with the God-head, and absolute obedience to Him. That to me is successful parenting! She poured everything she had into her children, and when the time came, she released us wholly to our life's journey with Him. I am so very grateful that God placed me with her, and her with me. I couldn't love her (or my dad) more!

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for teaching and instructing me in the way I should go! Nothing short of a life-saving inheritance!

I love you, Mom, far beyond words!

Happy Mother's Day!
May it be filled to overflowing!

Your grateful daughter,

Mother's Day and Dear Daughter's 13th Birthday!

So today is not only Mother's Day in the "Kirby" household, but also my daughter's 13th birthday! To share the day with her is just so apropos.

I have been at the business of mothering for nearly sixteen years if you include the pregnancy of my eldest, which I absolutely do!

Once upon a time, I worked a corporate job, but nothing compares to pouring my whole self into three eternal souls every day I am gifted with them. Nothing.

Today, I am beyond thankful for the souls God placed in our family! I just stand amazed at the people my children are. Just yesterday, my children had gone to a neighbor's house with the intent to play, but upon seeing the homeowner trimming bushes, they immediately pitched in to help. My eldest quickly returned to the house in the early afternoon to get pruners, rakes, and such to aid in the neighbor's yard work. They spent the afternoon helping the homeowner trim shrubs and such, getting the yard just so for springtime. Once completed, they called for permission to return after supper, saying the homeowner wanted to invite them back for an ice cream party as a "thank you." When my husband and I walked up later in the evening to walk our children home, the homeowner remarked at what an awesome help they were, and how pleasant and "mannerly" they are to have around. I told him, "Let me know if they ever over-stay their welcome." His reply? "No, no, they are always welcome here!" (I'll still be on guard against lingering visits! ;o) )

I tell you there are few words that make a mama's heart sing more than to have other people in wanting of her children's company!

Today, as I celebrate the love of an incredible husband, the love of three amazing children, and the love of my Creator, I pray I always have eyes to see the blessings God wraps around me.

I pray you, too, are gifted with eyes to see the blessings in your life. If you don't have a good relationship with your natural parents, or if they are no longer here with you, I encourage you to take steps towards the best Parent who ever has been or ever will be! He created both male and female; He is more than able to fill your heart to overflowing. Recently I read the following from C.S. Lewis:

"The mould in which a key is made would be a strange thing, if you had never seen a key: and the key itself a strange thing if you had never seen a lock. Your soul has a curious shape because it is a hollow made to fit a particular swelling in the infinite contours of the divine substance..."

We are a creation created with a God-shaped hollow only He can fill. To know God is not to know Him intellectually. It is to let Him penetrate and fill the deepest places in your hollow. Won't you let Him fill it today? He is in wanting of your fellowship..... and whether you are currently aware of it or not.... you were created to be in wanting of His!

Substitutes of any kind will not satisfy.

Celebrating today with a heart bursting of thanksgiving!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Settling in!

First, let me just say the conference out west was just such a huge blessing to me and reportedly to those who attended! All glory to God!

Second, I am just thrilled to hear that God is already opening the door for the next conference. Just thrilled to see the Lord open the doors I am to walk through. For anyone who has followed this "birth" of JITM, you know none of this is my doing. Is a matter of fact, I have often contended with God over His requests of me. But if you have contended with God about anything, you too know it is futile.... He wins every time. I love that about Him, for His ways are always right!

Third, I have had a full plate settling back in this week.... thus my online absence from here and the JITM's website. But thankfully, I am almost settled.... and it is a fine thing indeed. So, no, I haven't gone anywhere.... I'm still very much here. ;o)

I pray you all have a most blessed weekend. I can hardly believe it is already Thursday! Wow.

For those interested, I'll keep you up to date on our next conference. May those who attend come hungry and thirsty, for surely the Lord will fill their hunger and quench their thirst! Rejoicing that He is more than able! Amen!


Monday, May 2, 2011

"West Coast" Part Four

A few more pictures to share! Enjoy!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

"West Coast" Part Three

The conference was just an amazing gift to me from Abba. The organizer said women came up to him afterward asking when the next one will be. Praise God! The bond of His family is a most incredible thing; complete "strangers" meshed together by Him, in Him, and for Him. Precious.
So very precious!

There was laughter.... there were tears.... there was realness.... but most importantly, we all took steps with Jesus.

Thank You, Lord, for gifting to me precious time with my siblings. I'll remember their sweet faces... I'll remember their deliberate surrender..... I'll remember their honest confessions... I'll remember their precious hearts... I'll remember. And I'll rejoice; oh, how I rejoice!

Press on, my sweet sisters, here on the west coast -- press on. May you be blessed with patience, a hunger for His Word, proper exercise of faith, and assurance your Shepherd is ever mindful of you, His precious sheep! And whatever you do, don't take your seed to heaven with you! Sow it -- and sow it well!

Now I am off to enjoy rich fellowship with some siblings this morning.... and whatever else Abba has on the docket!

All my love,