Monday, December 19, 2011



If you haven't already, I trust you are wrapping up your Christmas preparations rapidly with the full purpose of shifting into neutral and soaking in the season of peace and promise.

It's been a month since I signed on; a break is a most excellent thing!

My month away has not been idle, but of a very different bent than the "norm." First, I have been enjoying concentrated time with my husband, sort of like a lengthy second honeymoon. It's been wonderful. Honestly, it has made me appreciate every day my eyes open and my lungs fill with air to a far greater extent than a month ago. For as I look into my husband's eyes (and my children's eyes for that matter), I am keenly aware that there will come a day when those eyes will close (or mine), and we will be parted for a bit. I know it is a downer of a thought, but facing such truth head on brings a richness to the every day that would be otherwise missed. To truly value something or someone, the inevitable loss must be worked into the equation, lest we grow complacent or apathetic.

My second point of reflection this month has been my children. The daily process of launching teens/preteens into adulthood is intense work. And for all those mothers out there who have "little ones," can I just exhort you to enjoy the days that surround your life right now? For soon, the days will be packed with orthodontic visits, driver's ed, work permits, SAT preparations... and all interwoven with heavier life topics such as purpose, promises, relationships, career choices... just to name a few! I don't mean to unnerve the moms with younger children.
The teen years are an amazing walk, and I wouldn't forfeit them for anything. Just keep in mind God's grace and wisdom will be timely when you, those with young children, have need of them in the years to come just as He is walking you through your current days. I just strongly desire to edify those with young ones to SOAK in the present days for everything they are!

Recently I told my teens, "It's hard work, raising you guys to be mindful of Christ and make wise choices. Sucks the life right out of me. Don't get me wrong; I wouldn't have it any other way, but I'll rejoice when I'm done!" I have to say I am stinkin' proud of them, and we do have a marvelous time together. Recently, I told my husband of a conversation I had with them and I ended my narrative to him by saying, "If that is how clear they think now, with their talent and their heart, I think to myself, 'Just where in the world are You going to take them in life, Lord?!'" It will be beyond exciting to witness --- this I know!

Right now, I would say one of the biggest challenges dear hubby and I have is finding quiet while actually in our home. With five extroverts who explore life and talk openly, it is not easy. And while dear hubby and I relish times of "sit and be still," three teens/preteens do not naturally migrate to such a state. As dear hubby said this weekend, "One day I will wish the air was filled with those noises." (This as we listened to our youngest fly a remote helicopter all over the house.) Add in their friends visiting and it is a given the door to our house opens and shuts to the point installation of a revolving door is not so far fetched these days!

Yes, life is full, but I pause many times throughout my day and thank God that He orders my day. It may be busy, but it is far from stressful or chaotic. There is growth coupled to a deep abiding peace that He is at the helm, ever guarding our ship as He wisely navigates us through! I'll never be able to thank Him sufficiently. Never.

"Bless the Lord,
O my soul,
And all that is within me,
bless His holy name."
Psm 103: 1

Take time for your own personal reflection.

It's a grand gift!

And have a very blessed Christmas!

Love to you and yours!