Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sharing some pictures!

The past seven days have been  
glorious, wonderful, and active!  

We had a very special friend from the west coast come for a visit.
He is a cherished brother in the Lord! We bounced here, there, and everywhere.  Stayed up until 1:00 AM gabbing.  Soaked up every possible waking moment and thoroughly loved every moment!

We celebrated the birthday of a long, long time friend!  

Had a "date" with my youngest, having full on FUN!

Our creation....  as big as my son!
3D glasses for our 3D movie -- It was most excellent!

Today, I went to a coffee shop that has chalk boards here and there.  One of them had an incomplete sentence:   "LIFE IS... "     The patrons were to complete the sentence with the pieces of chalk offered.  I wrote:  "Life is A GIFT!"  And it is!

Have a wonderful "hump day,"  all!