Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tonight's Exhale

I sat with my husband this evening alone.  The children were at youth group.  We put "The Hobbit" into the player and watched it until it was time to go pick them up.  During the movie, having seen it before, my mind wandered a bit.  But perhaps the most significant thing -- I felt my soul exhale.

Have you ever felt such an exhale?

What a welcomed exhale it was!

In two weeks, school for us will be over.  We are truthfully already beginning to wind down.  One paper and three tests are all that remain. 

I welcome the new season that is to unfold in the coming four months; a cherished season of writing and sharing.   A time to slow.  A time to dig in MY study books a bit deeper.  A time for as many walk-a-bouts as there are summer evenings.  A time for vacations.  A time to breathe deep.  A time to exhale.

Yes, I welcome the new season, and tonight, I sense, was its defined entry.

My reply can only be, "Greetings!  You are warmly and gratefully welcomed!  Thank You, Lord, for my 'visitor'. I shall cherish our days together."   And cherish them I shall indeed!

Sending each of you my warmest regards tonight!  Rest easy.  Rest sound.  The verse that so strongly came to my spirit tonight as I began to write you was the following:

"And the peace of God, 
which transcends all understanding, 
will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."
Phil 4:7

May these words minister deeply to each of you, particularly in light of the many events both abroad and at home this week.

May God's presence wrap around you this evening in a particularly close, intimate way...

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  1. Lovely! I'm waiting for my's on the horizon....enjoy!!!