Saturday, March 22, 2014

Time to Catch Up, Wouldn't You Say?!

Say it ain't so! It's been over two months since I last signed on! I know time is flying, but honestly!

To sum up those two months, I'd say life has been peachy! It's been a busy time, but a rewarding time as well!

Currently, I am sitting in the sunshine and warmth, awaiting my eldest son's emergence from his SAT test this morning.  What a milestone that is!   He's such an incredible young man.  As he and I ate breakfast in the quiet, early Saturday morning hour of six o'clock (thank you very much!), he said with an upbeat disposition, "Attitude is so much of it."  I stared at this young man before me.  His wisdom exceeds his years.  Shortly, he'll have *the* test behind him and be romping through the woods with some of his buds, playing airsoft.  Thereafter, they will be going out for supper and off to a youth group activity.  Such an incredible season of reward and joy this is!

The other family news is that of the upcoming prom, followed by my daughter's 16th birthday bash.... and my, what a fun bash it will be!  She and I have had an amazing time putting together all the details, from the invitation design, to the decorations, and on! My husband said the other night, "It gives me so much pleasure to see the planning coming along."  It will be such a special evening!

Be on the look out for the photos to come!  Football with our youngest, the prom, the birthday bash, and more... YES, more!  Much is happening -- and my heart is simply soaring!

I'll be back soon, but until then, may you all find the joy in living your life.... and living it well!