Sunday, September 21, 2014

Andrew's First Skydive

As I told you all the other day, we scheduled Andrew's first skydive in celebration of him turning 18 this past week for this weekend.... today to be more specific.

What a wonderful experience!

Mr. Paul (who has skydived over 4,200 times)
was Andrew's escort on his tandem dive.
He was so much fun
and made the experience even more memorable.

Up, up, and away!

See the plane??
Yep, it's WAY up there & climbing!

What LIFE there is in those baby blues!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Celebrating Our Sons! Happy Birthday!!

Two sons, born five years apart.
September 17th naturally brings me double joy!


In celebration of our youngest, we surprised Victor with Carolina Panther's football tickets! Nine rows from the field!
What a fabulous evening for all!

Andrew caught one of the shirts they threw out to the fans.
He gave it to Victor of his own accord.
Makes a mama's heart beam!
Panthers won!

Night to remember!

Today's birthday celebration began at the Department of Motor Vehicles with Andrew getting his full adult license! We followed up the celebration at the Cracker Barrel for the boys' favorite breakfast.

Victor loves their cherry pancakes, but when he requested them, the waitress said, "Oh dear, they are no longer on the menu." After a tiny pause, she said, "Hang on a minute." She left and went to the kitchen. When she returned, she said, "Okay, I have it worked out." A few moments later, they returned with our breakfast, including cherry pancakes for Victor! When she discovered it was the boys' birthday, her extra effort touched us all... herself included! 

The last cherry pancakes he'll eat at the Cracker Barrel,
but boy,  were they good!
Hats off to Cracker Barrel for going the extra mile
for our son!
For Andrew, it was wild Maine blueberry pancakes.... yum!
Later, Andrew and Amber scooted off to one of their classes. Thereafter, Andrew joined some friends at a coffee house to catch up and enjoy a cup of joe for his birthday. Meanwhile, Amber and a dear friend went for a manicure in preparation for an out of town college excursion trip, departing tomorrow! So excited for them! Then it was home for supper and birthday cake, but not just any cake...  spectacular cakes ... made by a very special lady (Remember Amber's 16th birthday cake?! Yep, she came through again!).... for our spectacular sons!  Check out her talent below! Amazing!! All hand made, every detail, and all edible!  And SO, SO delicious!!

To celebrate Andrew's 18th, he requested the opportunity to skydive! Whoohoo! So excited for him! The jump is booked for this weekend! He's counting down the hours! Thus his parachute/Burberry cake. Totally suits him to a T!   Class act adventurer through and through!


Happy THIRTEENTH Birthday, Victor! You are such an incredible young-man-in-the-making! I stand - literally eye to eye ;o) - amazed at you! Your zeal for life coupled to the God-given talents within you are indeed a formidable combination. My spirit leaps when I ponder what God has for you in the years to come! SO thankful God grants mamas a front row seat to His handiwork!
Love you beyond measure, my son!



Andrew, I have told you this face to face, but on such a milestone day, I would be amiss if I did not state publicly just what an *incredible* young man you truly are. You are wise *well* beyond your years.

Your ability to relate to others prayerfully, decisively, respectfully, lovingly, openly, and clearly - particularly when others cower away -- is remarkable and God-given, particularly in the day and age we live.

On this, your 18th birthday, I celebrate my retirement. I have long since held to the belief that the measure of my success in motherhood would be if my children wisely and willingly surrendered their lives to God, developed ears to hear Him for themselves, and followed Him swiftly and obediently. I can retire knowing I succeeded in the mission God gave to me eighteen years ago when He gifted me you. At your birth, you took my breath away, and you continue to take it away now.

I charge you with carrying of His torch both high and far, my son. God has gifted you with *many* talents, the greatest is God Himself *within* you. Oh, the adventures that await you, my son.... they are indeed most grand!

I'm not giving up my front row seat, and I'll always be your loudest, proudest cheerleader, but today, I cut the tie to our three-legged race and set you free to run the race God has before you. I know you will succeed for He goes with you, and it has been my witness that God's favor truly surrounds you. You are in a league most high, God's league. You know it well. You walk it well. Press on, my son, press on! I love you beyond measure!

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9


With ALL our love,
Mom and Dad