Friday, June 12, 2015

The End of An Era!

Recently, our eldest son, Andrew, graduated high school, bringing an end to an era began so many years ago.   It's odd because as the saying goes the beginning truly feels like yesterday. I cherish all our memories together, and I will most assuredly remain in my front row seat as he presses on to the race set before him.

Sharing a few pictures from our event:

(As always, click on picture to enlarge.)

          "Then"                                                                          "Now"

Before the graduation ceremony

Brian and I had the great honor
of bestowing Andrew's diploma to him.

Part of the end (surprise) slideshow. 

After the ceremony!
The Graduate!

Celebratory supper

Shortly, we will be sending Andrew off on yet another adventure.  He's heading north to D.C. to explore Strategic Intelligence as his next stepping stone.  

Happy trails, my faithful, strong, intelligent son!  

As your father and I told you at graduation,  
"It is our witness that God's favor surrounds you.
You are in a league most high, God's league.
You know it well. You walk it well.
 Press on! We love you beyond measure!