Sunday, May 28, 2017

Soul Smile

I arrived home from a lovely beach vacation.

Long awaited....long needed.

It was more .... more than I foresaw.

My attention .... hyper-acquired.

When time skips tracks to that of the different... the unfamiliar, time itself demands that I stop, survey, and study.

At the end of this week, comes my day of birth.

God sent my soul to this planet

I am captivated by that one thought.

Sent. Planned. Purposed.

Nearly a half century....lived.


Even as I begin to celebrate the completion of what was....

This past week gave me pause to celebrate that which is to come.

I sat on the beach.  There, He sat with me.

He has prepared me to "soul smile".... not just quick passing smiles that last but a flicker.... but the kind that comes home.... to roost.

Tenacity and fortitude out of necessity have been my constant companions these nearly fifty years.

Faithful comrades; they forever will be, readied, yet furloughed.

Jubliee came a touch early.

Adonai be praised......

Whatever will the next 50+ years hold....

With Him at the helm.... I can only imagine...

and smile.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer

I know it is but only May 7th, but as exams have come and GONE for my college kiddos, as well as my highschooler, WE now celebrate the birth of summer!  The happy dance is REAL!

It's been a busy, hectic semester, but we have collectively come out on the other side victorious!  Praise Him for both the mental marbles and the physical strength to have accomplished all that was, and praise Him for the rest that is to come!

Yesterday, we sincerely began to deeply breathe again by beginning our celebration of dear daughter's coming birthday. I'll leave you with a few personal photos of our celebrations that overflowed into today and will continue into tomorrow. She is SUCH a profound treasure!

Saturday evening

A boutique French cake -- all edible -- delicious! 

♡ The Family ♡

♡ Birthday gal ♡

Gift by elder brother.... Perfect!

Siblings forever!

Sharing the LOVE....caught on film
With these two brothers, she'll 
forever be sandwiched in love.

A few of her birthday treasures ♡

Caught unaware by Dad before heading to the movies

♡♡ Officially tomorrow ♡♡

PS: With summer now here, I'll be back SOON!  

Godspeed until then!