Sunday, November 26, 2017

Flight of a Heron

I am beyond thankful that I do not have many mornings like this morning.

But, let me tell you... the struggle this morning to get up and get going was tangible.

Realizing this as soon as my eyes opened, I afforded myself the "necessity of pause" -- fixing my mind with great intention on God before my feet hit the floor.

"Grant to me vision for today, Lord, and strength to walk the vision," audibly I said out-loud.

I continued to lay there in silence.

Within moments, a picture came to my mind:
I was standing dressed, ready for church.

I thought....okay, so I know at least what to wear.

I chuckled.

There are days, dear ones, are there not, where the mind struggles to engage in "the basics" such as what even to wear?!

I rolled out of the bed, dressed in the outfit He had shown me, and walked down the stairs to take my sweet pup outside to go potty.

Within seconds of opening the door and stepping out, I witnessed a beautiful, large heron flying solo across the expanse of the morning sky.

"Drink it in, Deborah," I heard Him say.

I stood there. Absolutely transfixed.  It was a scene to behold!

"Lord, I want my life to be FILLED with THESE moments."  

He smiled.

As I exhaled, I sensed His complete empathy wrap around me, simultaneously strengthening my weariness.

But why use a heron for His demonstration, I wondered?

He smiled again.

(You do know that God is exacting in His ways.  No such thing as coincidence with Him.)

Herons are rare in my area, so that began to awaken my senses.

What's the "more" to this, Lord?

The student in me, now wide awake, dug in.

Fascinating facts on herons:

- In ancient days, herons were likened to Christ for the following two reasons: 1) they can and do devour snakes; 2) also according to Pliny of Ancient Rome, they are rare birds in that they shed tears, symbolic of Christ and His sufferings.

- Because of its long beak, they were symbols of exploration of hidden wisdom.

- In many ancient cultures, they were revered as messengers of God, and it was considered "bad luck" to harm or shoot a heron.

In avian symbolism, the heron stands for strength, purity, wisdom, determination, grace/calmness, patience, and long life.

There was a great deal of personal application that transpired this morning between Teacher and student, but it is enough to say here:  "I hear You, Lord; I hear You."

He smiled.

The "more" now received.

 A heron's solo flight at dawn....  awe-struck wonder!

"Before long, the world will not see Me anymore,
but you will see Me.
Because I live, you also will live.
On that day, you will realize that I am in My Father,
and you are in Me,  and I am in you."

Do you see Him?
Do you see yourself in Him,
and Him in you?

Take flight!


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