Sunday, January 28, 2018

January is Coming to a Close....

I've been off radar this month.  In truth, too much to process and little time to do so, but before the month comes to a close, I'll give a few highlights....

- Started the year off with a fast.... ergo no post for the "New Year".... it was an appointed, reverent start to my year... #submitted

- I have been working up near fifty hours a week since the new year.... yes, this HAS to stop.....but one does what one must.... #dedication

- Too many items to recount surrounding my kids.... my head is spinning... and it's just the first month of the year....  #thrilled

In the midst of the day to day, a big shift is coming; plans in the next few months to have our home of seventeen plus years prepared and put on the market.   #nowords

There are days I look around and think, "How did all this happen?"   I'm simply trying to absorb what I can and lift the rest up to Lord.  No one should delude themselves by thinking they are the captain of their domain.  Since my young adult years, stewarding wisely what the Master has entrusted to me has been THE driving force behind each and every one of my days. And now, I can say with blessed assurance I have passed two vital batons on to my kids...."God first" ..."stewardship second".   #grateful

Isn't that the point to the Gospel?  The making of disciples, and the weighty understanding that we WILL give an account before Him for how we oversaw that which was entrusted to us by Him.  #sobering

Seasons shift; and not always as we envisioned them to shift, but the Master remains at the wheel.  He is and forever will be my Captain.  Even as this new year has begun, there likewise comes understood endings. They, too, are often not as we envisioned. I surely pray each of you took significant time during this first month of 2018 to assess that which was, that which is, and that which may or may not be; absorbing what you can and lifting all the rest up to Him.  Be assured;  He sees, He cares, and He alone is able to will, be, and do as He sees fit for HIS purpose.  #surrendered

With love,


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