Monday, October 8, 2018

Persistent Parenting Is Persistent Discipleship

I get it.... you're tired.  You've BEEN tired... and you're STILL tired...

..... but please do not give up...  do not stop short!

I've been at this parenting adventure for twenty two years and counting.... and I'm not done...even with my eldest.

Sorry to bust your bubble if you thought this particular race has a finish line.

It doesn't.

I have come to realize that though the provision part of raising them eventually concludes, the discipleship of them has no point of conclusion.... nor should it have (!) ....especially in this culture and climate that is particularly hostile towards God and those aspiring to live a God-centered life.   Make no mistake: though you may choose to silence your voice for even but a mere moment.... the world absolutely will not silence its voice.  This walk...this Christian walk... is a walk of vigilance!

Weekly....if not daily... I challenge my adult children concerning their aspirations and goals: Is God at the center, driving those aspirations and goals?

It is not enough to simply say yes.... but HOW?  There should be notable action steps behind the "yes" perception.

Such conversations are not always 100% hackle-free, but I make no apologies for getting in their space and holding them accountable to their daily choices.  While those choices are their future, and they are either life-giving choices or death-making choices, beyond their well-being.... OH, PLEASE HEAR THIS!.... they are a part of the bigger picture.... The Church picture... The Bride of Christ picture:

Am I doing my part to bring weight to THAT awareness?  Are they being made into "without spot or wrinkle" -- or are they knowingly contributing spots and wrinkles to the Bride of Christ??

As a parent, are you asking THIS weighty question first and foremost of yourself... and then secondly, to those in your charge?

This is paramount!

I am convinced less and less Christian parents are.  Let's face it, on a daily basis, it is far easier to let such issues slide than to contend for righteousness' sake.

But contend we must!  It is what we were called to do first and foremost when we accepted Christ's salvation and Lordship!

I get that some of you feel as though you are running out of gas or have run out of gas.

I, too, have felt that way.  Anyone who has toiled long AND faithfully in the field of discipleship has, BUT we must individually take heart so that collectively we can advance forward.  (Re-read that!)

When I have arrived at such a place, I have laid in the middle of the floor.... legs and arms stretched out to the max as if I am preparing to make a snow angel ... with an expectancy that God WILL refresh me.  I block out every thought.... I picture entering His throne room....His arms out wide.... falling into those everlasting arms as He infills ALL that I have need of, both the known and the unknown (to me) needs.  I will stay in the floor until I feel "topped off" IN His presence; then and only then do I peel myself off the floor and move forward BY His presence.

Many there are who attempt to do parenting apart from God.....even Christian parents!

I cannot imagine a greater tragedy.

To do so is truly to fulfill the expression "the blind leading the blind".

Dear ones, I hold you and those you hold dear in your heart in my prayers today.  May you be FIRST found to be a responsible part of Christ's Bride, dedicating your days to becoming more and more His image; then secondly, raising those in your charge to be ever mindful of their individual responsibility to be a growing disciple of Christ.   Neither is for the faint-of-heart, but with God, in God, through God, all is possible!

Press on, dear ones!

Persistent Parenting Is Persistent Discipleship!


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